CPDY (Cyber Physical Dolev Yao) is an extensions to the Dolev-Yao attacker model to make it suitable for arguments about security of Cyber-Physical Systems. The interactive command-line tool is under development by the SCy-Phy group at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Download CPDY

Main directory
  • run.sh (./run.sh specification.aslan++)(command-line tool to execute CPDY)
  • cl-atse_x86_64-linux (CL-AtSe verification tool)
  • aslanpp-connector-1.3.jar (ASLan++ to ASLan translator)
  • aslanpp-connector-1.4.1.jar (ASLan++ to ASLan translator)
  • aslanpp-connector.jar (ASLan++ to ASLan translator)
docs (ASLan++ details)
  • avantssar-d2-3_update.pdf
specifications (ASLan++ model of SWAT P1 and other examples)
  • swatP1.aslan++
  • tankValve.aslan++
  • toy_networkOnly.aslan++
  • toy_physicalInteraction.aslan++